Summer tours 
Baikalian week - 7 days
Lake Baikal - the Ancient Tazheranskaya Steppe and the Tunka Alpes - 15 days
Lake Baikal - The Tazheranskaya Steppe - 7 days
Siberian canyoning - 7 days
Lake Baikal - Bol'shiye Koty - 4 days
In the Sayany Mounts - 4 days
The Kitoy River Rafting and Visiting Caves - 4 days
Rafting down the Irkut river - 5 days
The Olkhinskoye Plateau Rocks - 4 days
Winter tours 
Winter canyoning in Sayan mountains. - 7 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 14 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 10 days
River Kitoy Caves - 1 day
The Aya Bay Caves - 1 day
The Baikal Caves - 1 day


Rafting down the Irkut river. Summer program.

The rafting extension is 105 kilometers.
The program is estimated for 5 days .

The river streams between the god-forsaken taiga wilds in rocky canyons…

The tour program:
1st day - transportation by minibus from Irkutsk to the village of Anchuk. The start of rafting down the Irkut river.
2nd through 4th day -
Rafting down the Irkut river. Overcome Zubkoganskya shivera andfamous Bolshoi porog.
5th day - the rafting finish in the settlement of Vedenshchina. Coming back to Irkutsk by minibus.

The services, included in the tour cost:
- All the transfers according to the program
- Qualified guides and interpreters accompanying you
- The necessary safety, raftinf outfit and equipment
- The equipment for the base camp.
- Three hiking meals a day according to the program.

Extra services
- Renting sleeping bags, hiking rugs.

After this tour if you are not so tired you can choice one of following programs:
* Siberian canyoning (7 days)
* In the Sayan mounts (4 days)
* Tajeran steppe (7 days)
* Baikalian week

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  * The winter program is in action from September, 16 till May, 15

  * The summer program is in action from May, 16 till September, 15.

The information on the extra tours you can obtain by writing to us at the address:

You can work out the program on your own of the tours offered.


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