Summer tours 
Baikalian week - 7 days
Lake Baikal - the Ancient Tazheranskaya Steppe and the Tunka Alpes - 15 days
Lake Baikal - The Tazheranskaya Steppe - 7 days
Siberian canyoning - 7 days
Lake Baikal - Bol'shiye Koty - 4 days
In the Sayany Mounts - 4 days
The Kitoy River Rafting and Visiting Caves - 4 days
Rafting down the Irkut river - 5 days
The Olkhinskoye Plateau Rocks - 4 days
Winter tours 
Winter canyoning in Sayan mountains. - 7 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 14 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 10 days
River Kitoy Caves - 1 day
The Aya Bay Caves - 1 day
The Baikal Caves - 1 day


Siberian canyoning. Summer program.

Distance from Irkutsk is 210 km.
The program is estimated for 7 days.

It’s adventurous program in Sayan mountains , in the canyon of Kyngarga river, meeting with Baikal. You will know a lot of interesting about this place. Also you can go any other tour, which you prefer.

Downstream along mountain rivers without a raft is far too impressive !Here you can float down the impetuous streams between the rocky banks, overcome the rapids, jump from thundering waterfalls in whirpools and descent canyons in a climber outfit. .

The tour program:
1st day - Arrival to Irkutsk. Transportation from Airport to BaikalHostel (or any other hotel of Irkutsk extra price ). A tour of Irkutsk historical center. Visit to historical museum.
2nd day - Transportation from Irkutsk to the Arshan resort (210 km) by minibus. Accommodation in Arshan (hotel - single, triple rooms or HomeStay – in village izbas). Visit the well known mineral water sources. Walking in the park, where you can buy herbs and souvenirs.
3d day - Training. Experienced guides will show you how to use the equipment and how to move on ice. You will know about safety in canyon. After diner you can visit the buddist Datsan.
4th day
- The hill up along the canyon and the water falls of Kyngarga (4km) using mountaineers’ equipment. Diner and herbal tea near the campfire. Returning in Arshan. Friendly supper. «The Canyon Explorer Awards”.
5th day
- Transportation from Arshan to Zhemchug (40km). Washing in thermal water source (t +37 C). Transportation from Zhemchug to Irkutsk. (195 km).
6th day - Transportation from Irkutsk to Listvyanka (70 km). Visit to ethnographic museum “Taltzy”, where you can see the wonderful examples of ancient wood architecture of Siberia. Visit in Baikalian museum. Walking along the shore, tasting Baikalian fish - omul. Returning in Irkutsk.
7th day - Transportation from BaikalHostel to Airport early in the morning. Returning in Moscow or going to an another tour.

The services, included in the tour cost:
-- Staying at the BaikalHostel and in Arshan's hotel
-- All kinds of transfer according to the program
-- Qualified guides and interpreters
-- the necessary safety, moutaineers' outfit and equipment
-- Three hiking meals a day according to the program
-- Charges for visiting the national parks
-- Tours of the museums according to the program

Extra services
-- Renting sleeping bags, hiking rugs
-- night canyoning (+1 day).

After this tour if you are not so tired you can choice one of following programs:
* In the Sayan mounts (4 days)
* Rafting down the Irkut river (5 days)
* Tajeran steppe (7 days)
* Baikalian week

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  * The winter program is in action from September, 16 till May, 15

  * The summer program is in action from May, 16 till September, 15.

The information on the extra tours you can obtain by writing to us at the address:

You can work out the program on your own of the tours offered.


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