Summer tours 
Baikalian week - 7 days
Lake Baikal - the Ancient Tazheranskaya Steppe and the Tunka Alpes - 15 days
Lake Baikal - The Tazheranskaya Steppe - 7 days
Siberian canyoning - 7 days
Lake Baikal - Bol'shiye Koty - 4 days
In the Sayany Mounts - 4 days
The Kitoy River Rafting and Visiting Caves - 4 days
Rafting down the Irkut river - 5 days
The Olkhinskoye Plateau Rocks - 4 days
Winter tours 
Winter canyoning in Sayan mountains. - 7 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 14 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 10 days
River Kitoy Caves - 1 day
The Aya Bay Caves - 1 day
The Baikal Caves - 1 day


The Baikal Caves. Winter program


Distance from Irkutsk is 240 km.
The program is estimated for 1 day .

Baikal is one of the most ancient lakes in the world. Few people know, however, that Baikal caves are even older than the lake! It is an amazing creation of nature. Cave entrances are located between white archaic marbles. Some of them have been known for thousands of years, there are legends about them and shamans still perform their rituals there. Others, discovered by speleologists not long ago, astonish visitors with their beautiful grottos, calcite crystals and corallites, odd ice figures.

пещера МечтаThe program includes:
1. Visiting caves Great Baidinskaya and Mechta (Dream) (unforgettable descending on ancient glaciers, spacious grottos and galleries, ice sculptures and stone flowers).
2. Mobile lunch

The services, included in the tour cost:
-- All the transfers according to the program
-- Qualified guides accompanying you
-- The necessary safety, speleological outfit and equipment, special gear to visit caves
-- At the base camp they will install a grand tent with an oven for you
-- Lunch will be cooked for you on fire at the base camp
-- Charges for visiting the national parks

Note: the trip does not require special skills and abilities, it is accessible for both adults and children; by the trip start you will have had a 2 km hike. Your equipping is to correspond to a winter forest hike.

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  * The winter program is in action from September, 16 till May, 15

  * The summer program is in action from May, 16 till September, 15.

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