Summer tours 
Baikalian week - 7 days
Lake Baikal - the Ancient Tazheranskaya Steppe and the Tunka Alpes - 15 days
Lake Baikal - The Tazheranskaya Steppe - 7 days
Siberian canyoning - 7 days
Lake Baikal - Bol'shiye Koty - 4 days
In the Sayany Mounts - 4 days
The Kitoy River Rafting and Visiting Caves - 4 days
Rafting down the Irkut river - 5 days
The Olkhinskoye Plateau Rocks - 4 days
Winter tours 
Winter canyoning in Sayan mountains. - 7 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 14 days
The Glacial Baikal. Down the Baikal Ice and Snow-covered Ol'khon - 10 days
River Kitoy Caves - 1 day
The Aya Bay Caves - 1 day
The Baikal Caves - 1 day


Lake Baikal - The Tazheranskaya Steppe. Summer program.

Distance from Irkutsk is 260 km.
The program is estimated for 7 days.

The Tajeranskaya steppe, undoubtedly, will conquer you with the vast and originality of the relict landscapes. You can get to know the monuments of the ancient civilizations: petroglyphs, defensive installations, prehistoric altars. Also, you can learn about the aboriginal religion shamanism, that is. You can hike and visit beautiful Baikal caves. Some of them have been known to the human being for thousands years, legends have been composed about them, and shamans nowadays hold there rituals here. Soma other were discovered by speleologists not so long ago, and they startle people with unusual beauty of the grottoes, tiff crystals and bizarre ice sculptures.

The tour program:
1st day - transportation by minibus from Irkutsk to Lake Baikal, the Khally area (210 km). A hike to the Sagan-Zaba bay (1 km). Arranging a tent camp. A lecture on ancient history and religion. Viewing the unique petroglyphs, whose age is about 2500 years. Going sightseeing (karst holes, "Indian" cliff, a site for holding shamanistic rituals, minor caves).
2nd day - a hike through the pine forest to the Begul bay (12 km). On the way you can see remarkable "hip pines" which are not encountered in other areas. Arranging a tent camp.
3d day
- a hike across the steppe from the Begul to the Ust'-Anga (5 km), viewing the "Kurykanskaya Stena" archeological monument (about 2000 year age) on Shibetae mount, the Ust'-Anga bay natural monument, a tour of Erd sacred mount (2,5 km). Arranging a camp on the Anga riverbank.
4th day
- a hike across the steppe from the Anga river to the Aya bay (10 km), local sightseeing on the way (including the karst arch and minor caves). Arranging a camp on the Aya karst plateau.
5th day
- training on rocks, visiting the Aya cave. The latter is the longest cave on the Baikal coastline. Its length is 1300 m. A tour of the Aya bay, bathing (the water temperature is about +16 Degrees Celsius).
6th day - descending into the Vologodskogo and Oktyabr'skaya caves. Walks, viewing the well-known petroglyphs at the Aya bay.
7th day - transportation by minibus from the Aya via Yelantsy to Irkutsk (260 km). Visiting the museum of local lore in Yelantsy.

The services, included in the tour cost:
-- All the transfers according to the program
-- Qualified guides and interpreters accompanying you
-- The necessary safety, speleological outfit and equipment, special gear to visit caves
-- The equipment for the base camp
-- Present-day double or triple tents
-- Three hiking meals a day according to the program
-- Charges for visiting the national parks
-- Tours of the museums according to the program

Extra services
- Renting sleeping bags, hiking rugs.

After this tour if you are not so tired you can choice one of following programs:
* Siberian canyoning (7 days)
* Rafting down the Irkut river (5 days)
* In the Sayan mounts (4 days)
* Baikalian week

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  * The winter program is in action from September, 16 till May, 15

  * The summer program is in action from May, 16 till September, 15.

The information on the extra tours you can obtain by writing to us at the address:

You can work out the program on your own of the tours offered.


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